Psychtoolbox Support Membership


If you require paid support regarding Psychtoolbox, go to our website to buy such services from us:

For support on our user forum or on our GitHub issue tracker, buy a “Psychtoolbox Support Membership” from there.

1. As part of your purchase, you will receive a document with a printed “Order no” and a printed “License key”. Here is an example of an Invoice:

Picture Description:

In the example image, you will find the “Order no” on the left side of the picture (here yellow marked) and the “License key” in the second column of the invoice (here green marked).

These codes are for display purposes only and cannot be used for receiving services.

2. Next you can run the Psychtoolbox function PsychPaidSupportAndServices in Octave or Matlab. The function will ask you if you need support and do have an active license key to prove your support membership. Answer “y” for yes.

3. Next, the function will ask you about your “Order no” and “License key”. Please enter that info that you got from step 1.

4. The function will print out an “authentication token”, a string of letters and numbers. Now you can post your question on the Psychtoolbox user forum or open a new issue for bugs and feature requests on our GitHub issue tracker.
Please add the “authentication token” to your forum question or GitHub issue. This will prove to us that you deserve support for your question or issue.


Please note that initial activation of your license key may take 5-10 days after date of receipt of payment, so do not buy the support last minute, when the “house is already burning”, but ahead of time, like you would do with a fire insurance.