The Psychophysics Toolbox Version 3 is a set of freely available functions that extends MATLAB and Octave with functions for research-grade stimulus presentation and response collection for neuroscience and other application domains. The Psychtoolbox core routines provide reliable, precisely-timed, and efficient functions for stimulus presentation and response collection in different modalities.
Psychtoolbox is a fully open source solution compatible with Linux, Windows as well as Mac. Moreover, it is one of the most successful open source toolboxes in science in general.

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Today the Psychtoolbox project enjoys an increasing number of citations as well as a growing and active community. As of February 4th 2022, 31.671 research citations can be counted. This is an ​increase of over 4000 citations within 14 month (Citations as of April 23rd 2020: 25.635) and proves the huge impact of Psychtoolbox in research.


Use PTB for behavioral data collection


Use PTB for fMRI


Use PTB for eye movement research

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In order to give you an idea of our capabilities we have listed some of our successes:

  • Very fast GPU accelerated drawing of complex 2D and 3D stimuli.
  • Efficient movie playback and movie recording, utilizing the GStreamer multi media framework.
  • Stereoscopic presentation, supporting different stereoscopic display techniques, including support for some head tracked VR headsets.
  • Presentation of stimuli with high color/luminance/contrast precision on a wide range of suitable display hardware for bit depths beyond the typical 8 bits per color range, up to 16 bits per color channel with some equipment.
  • GPU based fast stimulus post-processing to cover many common tasks like color correction, gamma correction, geometric display distortion correction, vignette/shading correction.
  • Video capture and live display, including GPU post-processing of live video, also with precisely timed control of professional class video cameras and synchronized multi camera setups.
  • Support for some types of photometers for display calibration.

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Medical Innovations Incubator


The core team supporting Psychtoolbox consists of Mario, who is responsible for development, Ingo, who is in charge of the business, and Dee, who takes care of the community.

Mario Kleiner

“I believe high quality science needs high quality open source software. With this in mind my goal is to improve Psychophysics Toolbox-3 for a large variety of testing paradigms.”

Mario started working on Psychtoolbox in 2005.

His focus is to improve quality, reliability and user support. Mario develops novel or more efficient methods for stimulus presentation, response collection, and for coping with variations and flaws in general purpose computing platforms. His long term goal is improvement of the underlying infrastructure itself, for example, third party toolkits and specifically the Linux operating system.

Ingo Hämmerle

“I like the challenge of developing a business model that respects the rules and principles of open source”

Ingo is CEO of the Medical Innovations Incubator GmbH.

He supports the project in developing a sustainable business model for PTB, respecting the principles of open source software.

Diederick C Niehorster

“I believe doing the best science requires the best tools. I will expand what users can achieve with PsychToolbox while maintaining its dedication to delivering a best-in-class toolbox.”

Diederick is a researcher at the Lund University Humanities Lab and a regular contributor to Psychtoolbox for over 10 years.

His focus as academic leader of the Psychtoolbox project is to help grow both the number of Psychtoolbox users and the pool of Psychtoolbox contributors to increase the sustainability of the Psychtoolbox project.


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